The Unusual Room


The Unusual Room, a jewel in the barn!

Here nothing has changed since 1832, the year that the barn was built. Your cocoon is ready to receive you. You hear the sounds in the night, an owl hooting, the breeze is seeping through the tiles… Besides the bed, modern and comfortable, nothing could let you guess you’re still in the 21st century.

As we did yesterday, tomorrow morning we will go harvest the hay, thresh the wheat and get water at the well for the animal in the stable underneath. The unusual room has its own dry toilets and private shower room on the ground floor of the barn, close-by. It isn’t isolated therefor it can get chilly during the winter. However the heating mattress pads warm up the bed, and with a duvet and a quilt, the night will be pleasant, even in the midst of winter. Let yourself dream off.   The hardest part will be getting out of bed!


One night 90€ / 2 nights 160€ / 3 nights 220€ INCLUDING BREAKFAST AND SHOWER ROOM


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