Leaning Nest

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Cabane dans les arbres-Le Nid Penché


The Leaning Nest, discover new landmarks!

I’m brick red, painted with ocher from Puisaye. I’m square and feel a little out of balance, as if I were leaning, I know.. Fortunately my creator, even though he’s a little eccentric, provided me with a horizontal floor.
But I’m more than just a cabin in the trees: I’m a authentic original housing and I’m sure you’ll adore me. It’s comfortable and I guarantee you a superb view and unforgettable sensations. Suspended to my oak tree, well tied 6,5 meter high, I dominate the countryside. In front of my large bay window is a terrace from which you can converse with Morillle and Pinocchio, the donkeys. Aglaé and Sidonie the two sheep share the prairie. Your breakfast will be prepared, arranged in a basket and brought to you just as you awake. During the winter I stay warn thanks to two thicknesses of cotton to insulate me and my radiator.
Walk only 50 meters into the forest and you will find you private shower room in the barn.
You are now ready to discover the domaine, then the region.


Une nuit 120€ / 2 nuits 220€ / 3 nuits 300€ incluant le petit déjeuner et la salle de bain


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