getting here

Itinerary to get to Les Galants

Itinerary from Paris:

Coming from Paris: A6,
then A77 (fork on the A6 when you are about 100km from Paris).
At km80 on the A77, take exit 21.
At the roundabout, direct yourself towards Thou.
At Thou, in the village, exit towards Faverelles on the right.
In Faverelles, direct yourself towards Annay (on the right)
Once you leave Faverelles, take a left towards Arquian.
In Arquian, take a right towards La Celle.
300m after exiting the village, take a left towards Saint Vérain
After almost 8km, in the forest, a sign on the left is marked “Le Galants”.

Parcourir 20 mètres puis prendre le chemin sur la droite.  C’est là !!!

If you have a GPS, you can find Les Galants by typing in : Les Gallands (two spelling mistakes, the place is wrongly referenced, alas), 58310, Saint-Vérain