In the arms of Morpheus under the Milky Way…

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All in wood and glass, I am tied up to my beautiful oak tree six metres above the ground.

I am all alone in the middle of the woods. If you lie down on my big bed, you’ll drown into a sea of green in spring and summer.

An unusual cabin all dressed in glass

The window panes that surround you are equipped with Venetian blinds. Under my wooden and glazed rooftop, you can admire the top of the tree to which I am suspended. In the morning you will gently wake up with the sun which will lighten your nest little by little through the transparent roof without curtains.

An amazing experience! I am well isolated and heated in winter. I can welcome a couple. I have a private shower room in the barn one minute away and my own dry toilets on board.

I welcome you from 5pm. You must release your Perched Nest before noon on the day of your departure. Domaine Les Galants is able to accommodate people with disabilities, except for people with reduced mobility (in wheelchairs) who will unfortunately not be able to climb the Perched Nests.

Are you dreaming of sleeping under the stars, while staying warm and sheltered? The Nest under the Stars is ready to welcome you for an unforgettable night!

Included in the booking :

  • Breakfast
  • Private shower room

Rates for more than one night :

  • 2 nights | 280€
  • 3 nights | 410€

150 euros

Basic rate for 2 adults


Reservation for today only by phone
on 06 60 71 56 57
or 09 50 85 69 35

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Les Galants

The Nest under the Stars

“Under my wooden and glazed rooftop, you can admire the top of the tree…”