Allow you dreams to carry you away

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In 1982, E.T wouldn’t have been surprised to see me here, solidly docked the my tricentennial oak-tree.

To embark onboard you will need to climb up the stairs on the nearby tree and cross the walkway leading to the terrace. I’m covered in oak tiles to merge into the nature around. I’m back against the woods and overlook the field. I’m insulated and heated in winter.

I can receive a small family: four people. A large comfortable bed for the parents, and enough space for the children to sleep on the mezzanine. I have a private shower room in the barn on the other side of the woods, two minutes away, and my own dry toilets onboard.

An unusual cabin to escape

If you wish to take off, just go ahead and lift the walkway leading to the stairs, go to bed and let yourself be carried away by your dreams of outer space. Behind my looks of flying saucer, you’ll soon come to realize that I’m also and mostly an authentic nest in the trees, where you’ll sleep comfortably.

I welcome you from 5pm. You must release your Perched Nest before noon on the day of your departure. Domaine Les Galants is able to accommodate people with disabilities, except for people with reduced mobility (in wheelchairs) who will unfortunately not be able to climb the Perched Nests.

Included in the booking :

  • Breakfast
  • Private shower room

Rates for more than one night :

  • 2 nights | 280€
  • 3 nights | 410€

150 euros

Basic rate for 2 adults (children in sup.)


Reservation for today only by phone
on 06 60 71 56 57
or 09 50 85 69 35

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Unusual cabin The Realm Nest

“Let yourself be carried away by your dreams of outer space…”